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Outreach Volunteer with Moment of Silence Project


Outreach Volunteer with Moment of Silence Project

The mission of Moment of Silence Project is to implement a daily minute of silence in public schools around the country. They serve all public schools and other institutions that are receptive to the program. The program is free.

They are currently seeking a volunteer to reach out to public schools to see if they would be interested in implementing the practice. The success of the program can be seen on their website at in the letters and videos of children participants.

- Familiar with social media to help get the word out
- Desire to help out children and college students who could use this practice to face daily challenges

Silent Moment, Inc.
799 East 8th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230

If you are interested in this opportunity, please reach out to Avraham Frank at or by phone at (718) 419-4817.

*This is not a New York Cares project*