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Facilitate Classes for Seniors with Selfhelp Community Services


Facilitate Classes for Seniors with Selfhelp Community Services

Selfhelp is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to maintaining the independence and dignity of seniors and at-risk populations through a spectrum of housing, home health care, and social services, and will lead in applying new methods and technologies to address changing needs of its community. Selfhelp will continue to serve as the “last surviving relative” to its historic constituency, victims of Nazi persecution. Their mission is to increase well-being and alleviate social isolation for older adults by connecting them to their immediate and greater community via technology.

They are currently seeking volunteer facilitators to lead one-hour interactive classes via the volunteer's computer (with a webcam) on a topic of their choice. The Virtual Senior Center offers home-bound seniors an opportunity to attend free, online classes led by these volunteers.

Volunteer facilitators can participate on weekday evenings or on weekends with a flexible, recurring schedule. They will lead interactive discussions or activities on a topics of their choice ranging from art, music, history, exercise, science, games, travel, culture, and health. Facilitators will get to see, hear, and speak with participating seniors in small group settings. It will really be up to the facilitator in what they want to do.

Volunteer's computer

Flexible, recurring schedule on weekday evenings or weekends

If you are interested in this opportunity, please reach out to Carmella Chessen via email at or by phone at (646) 259-4987.

*This is not a New York Cares project*


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