Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.


Annual Appeal
One of New York Cares' most important fundraising efforts, in which individuals and corporations donate both money and in-kind services to support our work.

Annual Events
New York Cares host four events each year, which provide the perfect way for individuals and groups to make a difference in just one day, no orientation required.

Calendar Projects
A volunteer program allowing volunteers to choose from a calendar of more than 500 flexibly scheduled volunteer projects every month. This program is best suited to individuals wishing to volunteer.

Referral Opportunities
A searchable database of volunteer opportunities offered by other nonprofit organizations.

Corporate Partner
A company that contributes to and/or conducts volunteer service through New York Cares.

Corporate Service
Any form of service to the community in which companies work with New York Cares. Includes building community outreach programs, providing New York Cares with financial and in-kind resources, and corporate volunteering.

Corporate Volunteering
Any form of volunteering in which company employees’ work with New York Cares on volunteer service projects.

Customized Corporate Volunteering
A corporate-service program or project tailored exclusively to a company's particular needs, by New York Cares.

Family-Friendly Projects
Projects where volunteers may bring children under the age of 18. Age limits vary by project.

Before volunteering on a New York Cares Calendar Project, each individual must first attend a one-hour orientation. These sessions offer a quick and easy introduction to the many ways to volunteer with New York Cares and teach volunteers how to choose a project that's right for them.

Community Partner
A nonprofit organization that New York Cares works with to address issues in our community through our Calendar Projects Program.

Partner Agencies
A nonprofit agency, school or other deserving organization that New York Cares works with periodically to help meet their volunteer needs.

Site Captain
During an Annual Event, Site Captains help plan and execute projects at particular work site.

Team Leader
Experienced New York Cares volunteers, with special training, who help make our Calendar Projects Program possible by regularly managing a project on behalf of New York Cares.

Training Leaders in Corporate Citizenship (TLCC)
New York Cares' half-day workshop on building, strengthening and optimizing corporate volunteer programs.