Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

New York Definitely Cares

Since 1994, New York Cares has continued the tradition of holding biannual days of service, called New York Cares Days. Occurring in April and October, these city-wide days of service mobilize huge numbers of volunteers across all five boroughs to show just how much New York cares.

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, over 4,000 New Yorkers turned out for the 23rd Annual New York Cares Day Spring. While the majority of them (roughly 3,400) gathered in public parks and community gardens to pick up litter, repair winter erosion damage, and replant flower beds, another 1,000 participated in a wide variety of volunteer projects at public schools, senior centers, and nonprofits around the city. Some volunteers provided 10th-graders with supplemental academic support while others guided children with developmental disabilities through therapeutic horsemanship at GallopNYC. Other teams of volunteers inspired young engineers with Lego Robotics, while still more engaged with aging New Yorkers in stimulating crafts and conversation.


Photographer: Shivani Kastuar


A city-wide day of volunteering on such a massive scale could not be possible without the generous support of our presenting sponsor, HSBC, who had more than 100 employees demonstrating their commitment to NYC and passion for sustainability by spending the day sprucing up Riverside Park in Manhattan. Cares Day Spring 2017 marked the 11th consecutive year that HSBC has served as the sole presenting sponsor of the day.

A few highlights of the impact of Cares Day:

  • Volunteers working in parks and gardens delivered more than a half a million dollars' worth of labor and supplies to these important green spaces. They helped on restoration and clean-up projects that many of the sites have been waiting years to accomplish, but didn't have the resources.
  • Through their philanthropic efforts, volunteers raised nearly $60,000 in honor of their service on the day. By the multiplicative power of volunteers, which turns every dollar donated to six dollars in services to NYC nonprofits and schools, we’ll be able to deliver almost $360,000 more in high-impact programming this year, preparing more kids for the SAT, feeding more homeless residents, and helping more unemployed adults find jobs.
  • This year, New York Cares volunteers increased their presence in community gardens helping to restore 24 in total. A large number of New York City communities are food deserts, meaning that there isn't sufficient access to diverse and healthy food options and, since community gardens are often the only local and affordable source for fresh produce, we wanted to support them as much as possible.


Photographer: Marina Atallah


Photographer: Ryan Kim


Photographer: Rebecca Davis

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